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3rd Grade October Newsletter

Our annual Gooseberry experience was held on September 10-12, 2014.  We had an amazing and exciting time! Students were able to enjoy eight different workshops, lots of food, camping singing, line dancing, horse riding and of course Annie Bangs!  This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we would like to thank all those who helped make it better than ever.

Our Pahvant Take Home Library is up and running.  Students are reading each night and returning their weekly Reading Tickets.  Our first Reading Party will be on October 8, 2014.  Students who qualified by meeting their September goal will be invited to participate.

Our Reading Flex Groups and Rit Groups (Math) are running smoothly and going great.

Please have your students start practicing their multiplication facts.  They may start passing them off to their teachers and Mr. Johnson.

Next time you come down our Third Grade Hall, look up and see our Junior Wildcat 100% spelling chain.  Several students have their name on a spelling link showing that they received a perfect spelling score.  Keep up the great spelling!  

New friendships and great choices are being made everyday.  Keep up the awesome work Third Graders!

5th Grade October Newsletter

The Holiday Seasons begin!  What a beautiful time of year!

October is a month of celebration and social joy.

Our Science rotations are giving way to practice time for the up-coming Fifth-grade Program, which will occur in November.  (More news on that later.)  You will likely hear patriotic songs sung around the house before Halloween!

More immediately, fifth-grade students have the opportunity once again to prove that they are capable of doing the third-grade Multiplication Facts in five minutes or less.  (Yes, yes—we know that most of them were able to pass off all the numbers up to 12 x 12 in the third grade in less than two and a half minutes.  And they have continued to practice this all through the third grade and the fourth grade—years of practice.  But we are choosing to be exceptionally kind and give them twice as long—five minutes—to pass off their multiplication skills this time around).

MOTTO: Aim to be a better me.
MISSION Statement: To develop lifelong learning skills which will enable us to direct ourselves toward a positive target in life by aiming to be the best we can be.