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5th Grade March Newsletter 2015

Fifth Grade Newsletter: March

Growth is in the air—even if the seasons seem to be a bit confused for the moment!

This month we are celebrating kindness!  Watch for wonderful acts of kindness from your children, and try not to look too surprised when it happens. 

First of all, on Tuesday, March 3rd, we will have special guest readers in the morning followed by Middle School visitors who will help the fifth-grade students know what to expect and how to plan for the new adventures awaiting them beyond Pahvant Elementary!

What a great time to meet with parents for Parent/Teacher Conferences!  Plan for your appointment on March 4th  or 5th, and please remember that we have school on Friday the 6th—which happens to be Hat Day!

As the weather warms, the fifth grade will work on National and Presidential Fitness Awards during PE time.

On March 12, the entire school will be visiting the symphony.  That will be fun!  Students are expected to dress appropriately for this fabulous occasion.

March 19th, we plan to have the Fifth-grade Reading Party, celebrating all of those who read during February and turned in enough reading tickets to report the results of their endeavors.  Be sure to work with your children at home so that they never miss one of these fun activities.

On Friday, March 20th we are scheduled to have the Maturation Program.  We will send home more information about this presentation, and your part in it, as we get closer to that date.

Remember, you are your child’s greatest teacher.  It is little wonder why they love you so much!

Thank you!

The Fifth Grade Team

MOTTO: Aim to be a better me.
MISSION Statement: To develop lifelong learning skills which will enable us to direct ourselves toward a positive target in life by aiming to be the best we can be.