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5th Grade Newsletter- November

The deepening weather around us is indeed beautiful, but it also necessitates proper clothing at school.  On Monday, November 3, it actually snowed flurries during recess!  Let’s make sure that our students are coming properly dressed for their time outside during the ever-colder holiday seasons.

What a month to rejoice!

Not only does Thanksgiving approach (there will be no school on the 26th, 27th, and 28th), but Veteran’s Day (November 11th) will be a special time for our fifth-grade students.  At 10:00 or 1:30, come celebrate our country with us at the Fifth-grade Program!

The SAGE test also begins this month.  Proper rest, diet, and exercise will help your children and grandchildren to recall more of what they have learned and face less stress during this testing time.  Health matters in learning!

Let’s continue to read!  Nothing will help students more than the skill of reading, wherein they can go on mighty adventures and learn incredible, useful, even vital knowledge.  Remember that all students at Pahvant Elementary are asked by Mr. Johnson and Mr. Stewart to read for twenty minutes every day—but we in the fifth grade hope that you will help your children to read even more than that!

Reading is brain pushups; everyone can get mentally stronger, if we will put forth the effort.  Help them, after reading, to turn in their Reading Tickets.  This process helps us, as teachers, to know that you are working with your children at home with their reading skills.

It is inspiring to see so many good parents helping their children in their learning!  We love them, as you do.  They are so special, even magical as they grow into stronger, wiser, more intelligent entities.  It is a joy to share with you in this noble work.

Thank you!

The Fifth Grade Team

MOTTO: Aim to be a better me.
MISSION Statement: To develop lifelong learning skills which will enable us to direct ourselves toward a positive target in life by aiming to be the best we can be.